10 Things Every Gentleman Should Have

In my opinion a gentleman is someone who speaks politely yet forcefully has a strong powerful presence. It’s intellectually curious and conducts himself in a calm and rational manner. Now of course this is an ongoing evolving process. We become more and more gentlemanly hopefully over the years. What I want to do is give you a few things that you can add to your arsenal that would make you more dense to me. Make you a better gentleman. Well this stylish things with this things around the house or things just for personal development. These are the things I think if you bring them into your life you would become more of a gentleman.

1. A book collection

Now the first thing I think every gentleman needs is a book collection. Remember when I said earlier a gentleman is intellectually curious someone who’s constantly reading is constantly expanding his knowledge base. It shows you’re open to new information. Just because you may be done with formal schooling doesn’t mean you should be done with learning. A person who reads a lot expands the vocabulary and gets to learn from the experiences of others. Speaking of expanding a knowledge base you can’t learn everything in the book.

2. A passport

My next recommendation to every gentleman needs is A passport . travel is very important in the development of a gentleman. It gets you out at local bubble. It opens your mind to different cultures and experiences and just having a passport is practical. You never know what you have to hop out of town for business or pleasant expand your mind broaden your base get a passport to travel more.

3. Tailored suit.

The next thing. Every gentleman needs we all need at least one killer tailored suit. The situation you find yourself in would you need one. Our endless talking weddings parties form okay. What about that job interview. Trust me the hiring people are paying attention to how you present yourself and as you’re moving up in the world you want to project an image that shows you on your way up the ladder. And on top of that. Trust me ladies love a guy in a tailored suit.

4. White and blue dress shirts

Speaking of that killer SUIT YOU GOTTA HAVE SOME OF THE where under. That’s why the next thing every gentleman needs are white and blue dress shirts white and blue button down go in every suit go with every shirt. Super versatile. And we need be you can dress them down put them some jeans and some look super versatile white and blue dress shirts. Trust me gentlemen need to have. 

5. Dress shoes

Next thing every gentleman needs a pair of black and a pair brown dress shoes. These are the foundation that your wardrobe is built upon because it’s neutral. They go on almost anything on top of that along with the way in which you suit. You can dress them down throw them on what she knows but jeans.

6. signature scent

the next thing every gentleman needs is a signature scent. To me this is the last thing that rounds out the idea people get of you when they meet. It’s something they remember. After you leave the room and it doesn’t you have to be something over the top. It can be reserved. Whether it’s a cologne a certain body wash it doesn’t matter. You want to leave that lasting impression. That’s uniquely you. So every gentleman needs a signature scent.

7. health and fitness

Every gentleman needs a gym membership or at the least at home gym equipment. Every gentleman knows that he has to be healthy and take care of his body. We’re only given one. And when you work out these shows are the people that you help matters and you matter and not only will you improve your help. You improve your attitude and your aptitude. Every gentleman needs to take care to help and have a gym membership or some gym equipment. 

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