10 Things Men SHOULD NEVER wear!

I swear if I ever see one of you guys wearing one of these things !! . Who am I kidding I don’t care You can wear whatever you want but I decided it would be fun to compile a list of things that I personally think men should just not be wearing. But again that’s my opinion. You guys can wear whatever you want.

1. Worn out shoes


Worn out shoes. Now there’s really not much to say here but there’s a lot of guys that wear the same shoes and not out of necessity but more so out of just laziness. The reality is you can get nice shoes for even 10 dollars That looked amazing. So it’s not so much price the problem it’s more so not taking care of your shoe letting debt accumulate to the point that your shoes start wearing out and ruining your overall outfit.

2. Loose sleeves shirt


Wearing a T-shirt. Wear your sleeves are just too loose. I’ve told you before how a T-shirt should properly fit. And I’ve seen the script a lot in long line t’s not long. Teens aren’t bad in and of itself but there’s certain styles where it’s just overly baggy. To the point that it just makes you look scrawny which is the exact reason why you shouldn’t be wearing ! 

3. Boot cut or classic cut jeans


This is just outdated and I hope nobody is still wearing this and it’s boot cut or classic cut jeans. Both of these styles just end up swallowing whatever footwear you’re wearing and makes your overall aesthetic just look kind of off either up or straight slim and if you want a little bit more room on the bottom there’s even zipper genes that are trending and would look ten times more style.

4. Wrinkled suit


A wrinkled suit is like your coat of armor if it’s a wrinkle. It’s like having a hole in it you’re vulnerable. You want your suit to be sharp. You wanted to flow right. You wanted to drape if it has hard creases. Take it to the cleaners get it pressed. And trust me it’s going to be the best 20 bucks you ever spent.

5. Empty wrist


Empty wrist. You’ve got to wear something on these guys and if you’re not a big into jewelry you must at least wear a watch to just boost your confidence and building your style overall.

6. Lint balls


The sixth thing that no man should be wearing is a sweater or a hoodie that has those lint balls starting to form. Now there is a phenomenon that starts happening to a lot of sweaters especially once you start using them a lot in washing them frequently and it’s a clear sign that they’re just worn out and dated. First I would recommend your sweaters should always be dry clean. This is a big step that’s going to avoid those lint balls to ever form. And second if they are form you can use a razor using a razor you can easily just shave off those lint balls and basically rejuvenate that sweater or hoodie and make it usable again.

7. Flip flops


Number seven blue flip flops not so much sandals flip flops those rubbery cheap thing that most guys wear out in public. I know it’s cringing. Nobody wants to look at your feet let alone look at your feet on those ninety nine cent rubber foot flight.

8. Cargo shorts


Cargo shorts. Well I think the last time I wear cargo shorts I was like in kindergarten that should tell you some cargo shorts are probably the least stylish short option you will ever choose. Or ever decide to wear. However reality is that if you find yourself a pair of cargo shorts with slim pockets chances are it looks good. The problem is either when you buy cargo shorts with baggy pockets that just gives you these weird humps or you decide to use those pockets and actually end up stuffing with your everyday care.

9. Transitional lenses


Number nine or transitional lenses. So I still remember when I saw these came out back in the 2000s. Now the concept of transitional lenses, in general, isn’t bad. It’s the designs they look like they came out of the Terminator movie.

Really these things don’t suit any type of face shape and throw you back to the Backstreet Boys air. Nowadays with so many companies like sunglasses USA or Warby Parker, you can buy frames at like 50 bucks that are 10 times more stylish super affordable and will actually suit your face shape.

10. too much fragrance


And finally, the number 10 is wearing too much fragrance. That’s the last thing No guy should ever wear. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most expensive best smelling fragrance every woman loves. If you pour half the bottle on yourself instantly makes that fragrance tacky. It’ll give a headache to anybody around you and turn most women off instead of turning them on.

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