5 Successful Dating Tips | Make Sure You get a Second Date!

Hey what’s up guys.today I’m going to be giving you five killer dating tips to ensure you get that second date and just reduce those chances of rejection. Now the cool thing I did in today’s article is that I went on a social dating site called dine and asked various women users what they think is the top dating tips for men what we as guys have to do on the first date. So not only are you getting tips from me they’re gonna be backed up by real women . let’s get into it.

1.Figure out what it is that you want.

So my first step to you guys is probably one of my most important steps is something you always need to remember. Figure out what it is that you want. This is important because it all starts with you. I think too many times guys are just anybody really in particular focus in too much in what it is that they want. What are they looking for. And then you try to mold yourself to fit those expectations. But what happens is that you might come across as genuine or sort of fake trying to fit her mold. So instead figure out what it is that you want. How is it that you want to be treated. What is it that you want to do and then find a partner for that. Don’t just go to any person that says yes.

2. Pick the right location

Number two pick the right location. So going on a first date is crucial. This is going to be in her mind for the rest of her life if she ends up being the one. So this first date is going to be very very important and where you go it’s going to pretty much dictate the course of the night. I don’t recommend going to the movies because you really won’t get to know her. I think the best place to go is to dinner somewhere where you can speak not even a bar. I think bar again too loud you really can’t communicate and get to know that person. 

3. style

Tip number three kind of goes along with tip number two and it’s that first impressions matter now that you have the date that first time you guys are going to actually get to sit down and meet each other. This is going to be like ingrained in her brain for the rest of her life. And if you could do it right it’s going to show you that second date. So obviously style is very important. This is your brand image. You need to come in well. So I don’t recommend you go in a full suit where you’re going to make her feel underdressed and maybe even uncomfortable. Instead I recommend you guys keep it safe and go with something simple but refined. So first go with some dark genes that are well fitted in on your mom jeans and they can either be black or navy that’s completely up to you then picks up pick some leather shoes avoid sneakers for the first that you want to look your best. So you go with loafers if you want it casual or wingtips. I get completely up to you and finally go with a buttoned. I recommend white because it always works a white Oxford is perfect because you can play it by ear if you know you’re going to meet up in a nice restaurant tuck in your shirt you’ve got to look super classy and perfect for the occasion if you know you’re going to meet someone more casual like a bar type of restaurant just leave your shirt on time and you’re going to look just as sharp and a little bit more relaxed.

4. Do not forget your manners

Do not forget your manners! It’s time to whip out everything your mom told you and be on your agent. Keep in mind these women they’re going to be on the lookout for all those little details. They’re going to be micro judging you the whole night. And any little mishap could have severe consequence. So if she looks nice. open the door for her as she walks through. You can even offer to pay the bills. Some women like that. And on top of everything just be put light to everybody around you. Especially your waiter. If she sees you being a d bag or a jerk she’s automaticly and you’re going to think you’re probably not the right long term partner.

5. be confident

And finally tip number five. This is a tip that you’re going to use the rest of your life so might as well start practicing now and it’s just be confident. Confidence is just going to help you throughout almost anything. Your life in here. It’s very crucial. Now it’s understandable since it is your first date. Both of you are gonna be extremely nervous. But if you can push through that and show a little bit of self-confidence I’m telling you you’re going to really increase your attraction to that individual. So what I recommend is to keep the dialogue within things that you are well versed in stuff that you know you’re not going to run out of things to say. If you’ve got nothing else to say then it’s time to start asking questions to see if you guys have any common ground things that you both like because then that’s definitely gonna break the ice and increase the attraction between the two of you. 

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