5 Things Confident Alpha Males NEVER Do !

Gentlemen! It’s all about confidence. If you feel good about yourself you feel good about the person you see. Looking back you in the mirror every single aspect of your life gets better.

The truth is I have not always been a confident dude. There is a lot of my life that I was very insecure I was very shy I was timid. Good news is that confidence is something you can build at something you can develop and it all starts with Now that that’s out of the way today I’m going to go over 10 things that confident men never under any circumstances do.

1. Confident men never bully


Number one confident men never bully or put other people down. Bullies are typically insecure people, and what they do is they try to push other people around to make themselves feel better. It’s like if they’re stronger if they can talk down to somebody they’re gonna do it because in their head they’re like those makes me feel better. I’m the man I am superior to them. When you’re confident you try to help you try to lift people up and inspire them.

2. Confident men never brag


Second thing confident men never do is they don’t brag. Confident men aren’t taking shirtless selfies they’re not posting pictures of themselves with chicks in bikinis. It’s not what they do because confident men don’t need to they don’t need to brag and tell people how much money how amazing they are because everybody else already knows they’re dope !

3. They’re not overly sensitive


The fifth thing that confidence men don’t do. They’re not overly sensitive. Men can take constructive criticism. Now this doesn’t mean that criticism is fun to hear because criticism is never fun but they understand that some criticism is actually designed to benefit them. They hear it they listen they apply. I’m sorry. OK I didn’t mean it. You’re you’re amazingly handsome just the way you are. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me , you see what I did there acting all insecure apologizing all the time I’m not sorry at all.

4. They don’t always apologize


the six thing that confident men don’t do they don’t always apologize. This is something that I struggle with even today like I I’m a people pleaser. I never want anybody to be upset with me. I never want anybody to be mad at me I’m always apologizing even when things aren’t necessarily my fault. Just so that they’re not mad. Never. I find myself apologizing for things that I didn’t do wrong or that’s not my fault. I know that that’s my insecurity like one to creep out and I got it. I got to harness that I got to grab it and push it back down !

5. They don’t wait for life to happen


The fifth thing confident men don’t do that don’t wait for life to happen. They go out and grab it. Confident men know that success the only way they’re going to get it if they make it happen. We are in control of our own destiny and this is something that confident men totally understand.

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