How to Look Better in 5 simple ways

What’s up, guys. I’ve compiled five simple things that you can do to be more attractive!

5. Know your proud face


Your proud face Your face plays a big part in your overall style the way that you accentuate your facial expressions. Really says a lot about who you are. Researchers examined the sexual attractiveness of individuals showing expressions such as happiness pride and shame compared to a neutral face. The study found happiness was actually one of the least attractive expressions in men. The study also found that the proud face guy is more attractive to women. So the next time you are picking an outfit and ready to go out practice your proud face a few times in the mirror.

4. Dress like yourself


Dress like yourself. Set trends. Don’t follow them. There are too many guys these days that simply buy clothes because they see celebrities wearing them on social media to be fashionable and also dress like yourself and don’t follow trends. Look to set them.

One thing I do is when I go out shopping and I’m at a bigger chain let’s say packs on top man I’m at Melrose Avenue or H and then I pay attention to the people shopping around me and I shop in the parts of the store that no one else is shopping at. So that when I do buy some clothes more than likely I’m buying clothes that no one else is buying. Therefore when I go out and wear these nobody else’s bottom so I look unique. I look one of a kind..

3. Get a haircut that suits your face shape


get a haircut that suits your face shape. This is crucial. So guys get online to start researching some influencers maybe a couple hashtag men’s haircuts men hairstyles for men etc. go in there and find some guys that look like you maybe they have the same jawline facial hair no shape eye shape eyebrows or maybe they even have your hair type. Maybe it’s long and stringy mine is really heavy and straight.

So I usually look for guys online that have the same type of harass me that way I can go through their pictures find out what kind of hairstyles worked for them then what I’ll do is I’ll screenshot some of those pictures and then I’ll take them to my barber and say hey can you do this.

And my barber works magic and you can usually make it happen or you can do this as well. Look for someone on Instagram that kind of looks like you and maybe they have a hair like yours go in there and find some pictures of them that they have a hairstyle that you think looks good on them. Once again screenshot those go to your barber. Show him that picture and have them emulate that same look instead of trying to explain it every time to a barber.

2. facial hair


facial hair. No more neckbeards and 28 team guys. OK, guys so there are many different styles of facial hair to go for. I actually read a study the other day that said women find men with stubble the most attractive random to that is beards and the low that is being cleanly shaven.

So for all you guys that are clean-shaven you like the clean and sleek look I don’t think it looks bad. I think it looks great actually but women find a little bit of that stubble more attractive and you want to know why it’s because it makes you look more manly. It makes you look a little bit more rugged and women like that. So for you guys that are cleanly shaven grow out a little bit of stubble and experience the difference.

It’s going to make for some of you guys that have the really really long beards I urge you to maybe just trim them up clean them up just a little bit. So it just fits your face shape a little bit better. It looks nice and clean and taking care of it looks well maintained and groomed and I promise you you’re gonna have some girls look your way that has never looked your way before.

1. know what colors go well with your skin


know what colors go well with your skin color hair color and your personality. I see too many people out there wearing colors that just don’t go well with their personality or their hair color and I’m like Man you really should wear that stuff. I see people that are super introverted wearing all these fluorescent colors and I’m like man that does not coincide with who you are. So you need to know who you are first. You know what kind of colors look good. So I’m pretty dark-headed except for right now as you can clearly see.

But I wear a lot of earthy tones clays Greens Dark Blues blacks gray I don’t wear a lot of bright colors because I have dark facial hair. I have darker hair usually darker colors just seem to look better on me but I’m also kind of pale. So sometimes I’ll wear lighter spring colors.

So just because you’re a certain color or your hair’s a certain color doesn’t mean you have to wear those colors. But if you want to accentuate the way you look by the clothes that you wear you need to find out what colors go well with your skin color your hair color and your personality.

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