How to Speak Like A Gentleman / 10 tips .

There’s a number of different attributes and in the interest of time and having a clear message. I didn’t want to include every single thing that I came across as I was doing research about this. Along with that even if you don’t have all of these things that I’m about to talk about it doesn’t mean that you’re not a gentleman but being a gentleman and having these attributes is something I believe everybody including myself should continue to strive to be. With that being said let’s get started with the article.

1. courteous

A gentleman is courteous. This is often associated with the word chivalrous or chivalry. Now we are living in medieval times and we are walking around carrying armor made of steel or anything like that. But that doesn’t change the fact that we shouldn’t be courteous to people opening or holding open doors offering your seat to a lady on public transportation or out in public offering your jacket to a date or to a friend. These are things a gentleman does for everyone not just for legs.

2. Well-Mannered

A gentleman is well-mannered when you’re at a dinner. Do you wait for everyone to get their food or do you start in as soon as your food arrives. are you the kind of person that does not forget to say please and thank you. If the answer is yes then you have one of the most essential attributes. When it comes to being a gentleman being polite and well mannered unfortunately isn’t this common in society as it used to be with everyone rushing around trying to get through their days. It’s easy to forget to say thank you even to the barista that made you that coffee. But a gentleman never forgets.

3. Confident

Agentleman is confident and that’s without being arrogant a confident man believes in himself and in his abilities. He’s not influenced by the opinions of others nor do other outside influences affect the way he thinks of himself. The arrogant man on the other hand believes that he’s superior to others and will often feel the need to demonstrate that if I put another people down the complete opposite of being a gentlemen . 

4. Knowledgeable

A gentleman is knowledgeable. He has a wealth of information on various topics. A gentleman may be familiar with how to cook a meal or how to do some handiwork around the house maybe even do a small vehicle repair. In addition to that a gentleman will have numerous hobbies and interests outside of his profession. Though he may be a master in his profession he knows that being a well-rounded individual is important. So he takes the time to learn about different interests that appeal to him. For example things like cigars or wine art music. There’s a number of different options when it comes to what interests a gentleman tries to learn about as many things as he can. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an expert but it’s one of those things that makes a gentleman an interesting man to have a conversation with.

5. Good Hygiene

A gentleman has good hygiene and grooming habits. This really should go without saying everyone should have good hygiene showering brushing your teeth washing your hands throughout the day. These are all things important not only to your appearance but also to your health. Along with that a gentleman makes sure that he takes care of additional things with his grooming such as making sure his hair is properly styled and maintained his facial hair regardless of whether he has a beard or is clean shaven. You make sure it is properly maintained as well. Make sure that it remains that way consistently. In other words a gentleman always makes shirts he’s well-kept.

6. Well-Dressed

A gentleman is always well-dressed and you don’t necessarily need to be in a three piece suit every day to be considered a gentleman but a gentleman will know how to dress for specific occasions. He won’t show up to a formal event for example in jeans and sneakers. He knows that if the event calls for a suit or a black tie that’s how he’s gonna show up. He’s going to do his best to make sure he shows up properly. The gentleman may even be considered to be overdressed but he’ll never be considered to be under dress.

7. Isn’t Flashy

A gentleman isn’t flashy. There’s nothing wrong when it comes to luxuries. If you enjoy expensive watches expensive clothing expensive vehicles there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working hard so you can enjoy those things. However a gentleman doesn’t get those things to show them off and come off as snobbish using uses things to validate himself in his work. And he absolutely doesn’t use these things to put other people down. A gentleman knows he’s a gentleman whether he’s in a Tom Ford suit with a Rolex on stepping out of a Lamborghini or he’s in a T-shirt stepping out of a Honda Civic.

8. Respectful

A gentleman is respectful. A gentleman always shows respect to others. He’ll never treat those attending to him being a server or a waiter. Rudly gentlemen will listen to the opinions of others with an open mind. He’s kind to the elderly. In short a gentleman showed respect to everyone in every interaction every day .

9. Communicates Well

A gentleman communicates well not only can a gentleman use his words effectively to be understood but he can also do it without having to resort to using profanity obsessively. It’s just a bad luck to see a man in a three piece suit perfectly dressed. Impeccable grooming and every other word coming out of him is an effort.

10. Isn’t Perfect

A gentleman knows he is imperfect a gentleman realizes he may not be the smartest handsomest. Richest funniest person in the room but he always puts an effort to make sure he’s the best version of himself. He owns up to his mistakes and then works to correct them. He knows that we’re all human and that we all have room for improvement.

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