10 Foods You Will Never Touch Again Knowing This


It’s amazing what is really in our food these days with all the regulations and improved manufacturing techniques. You’d think by now our food supply would be clean, transparent, and safe.

Here though are ten foods with some disturbing secrets their manufactures would wish remained hidden.

1.Canned Mushrooms


This is seemingly a relatively unprocessed food. It should only contain mushrooms and some preservatives. However, as with all canned products, there are downsides to consider the next time you reach for canned vegetables, and that’s what it may be contaminated with.

The FDA set limits on the number of rodent feces, hairs, insect carcasses, and even how many maggots can be in the food sold to you. Canned mushrooms have one of the highest thresholds for magots, with 20 being allowed to marinade in every can of mushrooms. Best take a look at the mushrooms before tossing them in your casserole.


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