Goodbye Glasses / 7 Natural Ways For Eyesight Improvement

If you have a hatred for wearing glasses or putting on contacts, there is a way for you to improve your eyesight without even going through Lasik surgery. These ways are many and they are very convenient because they are simple things that you can easily master There are a lot of questions asked out there about vision and sight such as if there any exists a weird trick that could help you to get back your 20/20 vision. Eating some certain kinds of food or doing eye exercises regularly have also been thought to help with vision, alongside the eating of carrots and rubbing your eyes

Vision Therapy


It is imperative that you treat your eyes with a lot of caution and care because they are very sensitive organs. This kind of therapy may be recommended by experts for conditions such as astigmatism and far or nearsightedness. In this kind of therapy, you really have to keep a tough and rigorous routine that you follow regularly if you are to get better.

In involves some exercises that aim at strengthening the muscles that are weak and also assist your brain in lining up the information that comes through your eyes. click next to continue reading

Eye Strain Management


Our eyes are made in such a way that they get tired when they focus on one thing for too long. This makes it hard for us nowadays because most of our lives today revolve around our phones and we spend a lot of time with our faces close to that tiny screen. In order to manage this, it is advisable to focus on something else about 20 feet from you for 20 seconds at a time after every 20 minutes.

Eye yoga could also help where you move your eyeballs up and down with no blinking. Then you rub your palms and put them over your eyes after about 10 times of this. You are then required to repeat the process while moving your eyes horizontally and diagonally.

Pencil Exercise


This is a fairly common practice and it has been proven by experts and most eye doctors have used it. Here, you take a pencil and hold it in front of you then you focus on a single spot on it. While keeping your focus on that spot, move the pencil away from you and towards you.

This will help you to identify the weak muscles Apart from this method being very child-friendly, it yields spectacular results if done regularly.

Quit Smoking


Cigarette smoking has adverse effects on the eyes of a person and many many other parts of the human body. For the eyes, it may lead to muscular degeneration due to age, development of cataracts, glaucoma and even the dry eye condition. The risk of diabetic retinopathy is increased in smokers with diabetes

However, just because you stop smoking does not mean that the damage to your eyes will be reversed. What it means is that the progression will stop and it will not get worse. You can consult your doctor to find other treatments and you can also join support groups that help you adjust.

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