Stay Away From These 11 Deadly Foods That Could Cause Cancer


Most of us already know what cancer is and how dangerous it can be. As a matter of fact, it is fatal and happens to be one of the leading causes of death in the world today.

However, did you know that our dietary habits are the main cause of increasing or decreasing the risks of cancer? Growing evidence support that up to an approximation of 70% of cancer can be prevented through diet, with the other 30% being inevitably preventable as they are triggered by environmental hazards.

What is important is that nutrition happens to play a major role in dealing with our chances of getting cancer. This is very good in that we have total control over the food we eat and hence harnessing the ability to prevent cancer.

Having knowledge on what to and what not to eat is the first prudent step in achieving this, this article is going to walk you through some of the most deadly foods that could increase your risk of developing cancer.

1. Hydrogenated Oils


Hydrogenation is the process by which liquid vegetable oil is converted to solid fat via chemical processes. Despite oils from vegetables being considered healthy, they cannot be obtained naturally hence requiring hydrogenation.

Hydrogenated oils are found in various foods including bakery items, creamers, cereals, frozen foods, and processed foods. Their main purpose is to preserve these foods as well as add a little fineness in the stored food as far as texture is concerned.

Unfortunately enough, they do increase our chances of getting cancer as they tend to affect our cell structure and stability.

2. Pickled foods


Pickling is a form of food preservation that entails anaerobic fermentation in brine or simply immersing foodstuffs into vinegar. In the process, nitrites and salts are introduced to the food, with artificial coloring imposed to make it look attractive.

Pickled foods affect the body organs that are directly linked to it and that is the digestive tract comprising of the stomach, rectum, small intestines and large intestines. Pickled foods lead to the development of cancerous cells in these organs and should be avoided at all costs.

3. Alcohol


It is impossible to talk about cancer without mentioning alcohol. Despite excessive alcohol consumption being bad for your health, all the risks are heightened by the development of one fatal condition that we need to avoid, Cancer.

Too much consumption of alcohol puts us at risk of acquiring cancer-related to the whole digestive tract with liver cirrhosis and other acute conditions seconding it. An amount considered safe is one drink per day for women and two for men. Red wine, on the other hand, is resveratrol and may offer some benefits such as helping lower blood pressure.

4. High Fructose corn syrup


The sweetness of high fructose corn syrup Is usually of elevated concentration levels despite being extracted from natural corn. These high sugar levels create a perfect acidic environment for cancer cells to thrive in.

One thing to note however Is that high fructose corn syrup has not been proven to lead to the development of cancer cells but instead steers the growth of already existing cells.

5. White Flour


The Process Involved in the creating of white flour takes away the healthy aspect that is of the essence to us. This is because It is usually bombarded with chlorine gas to give it its natural color. Chlorine is highly toxic to the body when consumed for over long periods.

In addition to that, white flour has an extremely high glycemic index. This means that it breaks down into sugar in the body and as we are now familiar with, sugar creates a perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive in.

6. Microwaved Popcorn


Perfluorooctanoic acid, commonly termed as PFOA Is a substance commonly found In bags used to microwave and thus store popcorn.

When Microwaved along with your PFOA contaminated microwave bags, your popcorn gets coated with artificial trans fat butter, the same substance found in hydrogenated oils that causes cancer.

7. Farmed Salmon


Who would ever relate a meal as healthy as fish with one of the world’s deadliest diseases? Fish, especially salmons are healthy in that they contain lots of Omega-3 oils which is indeed essential for good health.

Nevertheless, when farmed, they are usually exposed to a highly stressed environment and fed on an artificial diet of cancer-causing chemicals and antibiotics. This Is as a result of their meat being highly concentrated with dioxins, Mercury and PCBs that pose a threat when consumed.

8. Processed and smoked meats


Any processed or smoked meat Inclusive of bacon, smoked barbeque, sausage, and lunch meat should be avoided. This is because despite having high levels of fat in them, they are preserved using nitrates and nitrites which cause cancer.

Smoking also leads to the formation of the same dangerous tar found In cigarettes, on food.

9. Potato Chips


Chips are among the most common and widely embraced food today. This is despite constant warnings from the world health organization regarding their high-fat concentration levels that may affect the heart.

If this is not reason enough not to take them, then why not consider the fact that they contain acrylamide which is a carcinogenic element that increases your risk of getting cancer.

Acrylamide is the same deadly substance that is found in cigarettes is released when the food is cooked at high temperatures.

10. Soda Pop


Soda is indeed bad for your health due to its high sugar levels that create a perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive in. As if not enough, the artificial chemicals, as well as the coloring incorporated into soda, puts you at a greater risk of cancer.

A better and healthier anti-cancer alternative is tea or coffee if you need that caffeine boost.

11. Canned Products


Despite having nitrates as the main preservatives, canned foods are dangerous in that the cans used to store the foods are lined with Chemical BPA.

BPA is an industrial chemical that was widely used to make plastics and resins back in the 1960s. It is a hormone disruptor, as confirmed by research and directly linked to the formation of cancerous cells. This is due to the chemical’s tendency to leech into any food substance it comes into contact with.



By now, it is evident that the above-mentioned foods have achieved a record-breaking consistency in our dietary patterns. Indeed most of them are convenient and amazingly sweet.
However, is all this worth it if you are at risk of getting a disease as deadly as Cancer? The best and most reliable way of ensuring you stay free of the deadly disease is by keeping a check on your diet. You can do this by staying away from canned, stored and processed foods and instead opting for the healthier alternative which is cooking the food yourself.

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