10 Hairloss Prevention Foods You Never Knew Can Help


Some people may think -Oh you have to be an elder or have a certain type of illness to have hair loss” we’ll you’re WRONG. Hair loss can be caused by anything and happen to anyone no matter the age.



You have to watch what you eat and drink. I know it might sound weird to some, but yes! Allot of foods and drinks can cause loss of hair and can even damage your skin such as acne. Studies show that diets that include vegetables, fresh herbs and fruits can reduce the risk of hair loss. Here are some good diet foods that may help. Fresh green salads, parsley, and carrots etc,. A few times of the week may help.



Do you know that the majority of our hair follicles are made based on a protein called keratin which is produced from keratinocytes which give us strength and flexibility that waterproof skin surfaces. Researchers say that eating a nice healthy, rich balanced diet in protein can also help with hair loss. Studies show that peas, eggs, nuts, beans, fish, low-fat foods and glucose-free foods help a lot in this case.



Researchers show that Vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc are very important to hair growth and retention process. If you don’t know where to buy multivitamins at you can always shop at your local drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens or ask your doctor what’s best for you.

Vitamin A


Vitamin A takes a roll in the retinoid part of our hair which plays a roll in increasing hair growth. This vitamin may also help with sebum production which is a light yellow oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands that help keep our skin and hair healthier and able to maintain more hairs. Here are some Vitamin A foods that’ll keep your hair nice and shiny_ sweet potatoes, sweet peppers and spinach that’s just to name a few.

Vitamin D


Vitamin D is apart of non-scarring alopecia. In case you were wondering what that is, it’s a non-scarring effect that can affect men and women such as adults and children that occur in a round or oval patch in your head. This patch usually grows back without any damages or other effects. If you’re experiencing this you should contact your doctor for further help.



If you didn’t know Ginseng is a certain phytochemical that helps promote hair growth due to hair loss from low Vitamin D. With this you should contact your doctor or eat/drink anything that has ginseng supplements.

Hair Care (Washing)


Many people believe that the more you wash your hair the better it’ll grow. That is actually wrong believe it or not the dirtier the hair the faster it’ll grow healthier and thick. I believe you should wash your hair twice a month. With organic shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp healthy and clean. Regular shampoo and conditioner may cause a lot of dryness and hair breakage. So try not to use anything that can cause hair damage

Coconut Oil


1 of my favorite products to use in my hair to prevent any damages, dryness or hair loss. Coconut oil helps prevent your hair from falling out. The Lauric acid that is found in the coconut oil helps keep our hair nice, strong and balanced by protecting it from a breakage at the root and strand. And here’s a trick for you, by massaging coconut oil into your hair on your scalp helps promote better blood flow and help with better results of hair growth.

Going Natural


Many people may think going natural is for African Americans which is totally false I All types of race can do this technique. Here are some steps to take for a healthier and nurturing hair growth
1.) You may want to cut your hair off and start over not saying going tennis ball you know Just cut off your dead ends and damaging parts of your hair.
2.) You want to deep wash and conditioner your hair with organic shampoo and conditioner and rinse (should do this about 30 minutes)

You want to use any coconut oil leave-in conditioner In your hair for 10 minutes before blow drying or any leave-in conditioner of your choice

Once you blow-dry your hair completely dry you want to put nice braids or plaits in It to keep it from breaking or becoming nappy and also to help grow.

When doing your hair you want to stay away from hair products that contain alcohol or any type of gel or oil in It that most people use. You also want to keep a hairstyle in your head Malin last at least 2-3 months such as plaits, twists, and braids

And if you can please stay far away from perms those definitely damage your hair and burns a lot of your hair off.

Try not to wash your hair every day, WEEK or MONTH I know it sounds crazy but trust me you’ll thank me later I

Keep your pillowcases clean not only for your skin but also for your hair! Make sure to wrap your hair at night also helps with keeping the moisturizer you used into your scalp for a healthier look.

Hair Processing


Stay away from hair dyes and perms! I know a lot of you guys love this but their not good for you. Why? Because the chemicals used in those products may cause a lot of damage to not only your hair but scalp AI !causing It to fall out and leave terribly bald spots that may never grow back.

But here’s a lucky thing for you … you may ask your doctor or even stylist about organic hair dye and perms that doesn’t cause as much damage because it doesn’t contain ammonia, peroxide or paraphenylenediamine PPD. And you can also do Rice water. Which also helps with hair growth.

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