Most Unusual Kids In The World

Fascinating people come from all walks of life. They can be hanging around on your corner or working in a factory halfway across the globe. Children can also be very unique and from all walks of life with incredible abilities or bizarre physical conditions from a real Snow White two brothers who become paralyzed when the sun goes down. Check out these 10 incredible kids !

1. Nariyana Siberian Snow White.

As the evil queen of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves uttered Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? That title would have to be given to the Snow White of Siberia. 8-year old Nariyana with bright porcelain skin and glowing, whitish blond hair.

This little girl seems destined to walk the runways of Paris and New York as an AMG fashion model someday. But hold on. Not so fast. Now Nariyana has received dozens of offers from modeling agencies around the world. Her mother,would prefer her striking daughter enjoy the fruits of childhood. First, two of Nariyana’s favorite pastimes are drawing and dancing.

When prompted, Nariyana is quick to say she’d like nothing more than to become a model when she grows up. A local photographer, ( Vadim rufov ), is not surprised in the least that modeling would be Narayana’s calling.

Having been astounded with the patience and artistry Nariyana already displays at such a tender age, posing for stretches of two hours or even longer at a time.

2. Sophie Green 

Have you ever tried to write, paint or cook using just your feet? It’s quite the challenge. Now imagine living your entire life that way. This is the story of 7 year old Sophie Green of Herriman, Utah.

Sophie has not only met every challenge thrown her way, but has excelled and thrived where most adults would have thrown in the towel.

Initially in China to adopt her older sister, LEXI, who is blind. Sophie’s parents, Christiane and Jeremy, fell in love with Sophie’s beautiful big eyes and iron clad will and decided to adopt both children. With some adjustments around the house, like changing doorknobs, two handles. So Sophie is able to more easily open the doors with her chin. Sophie Inter-family had been able to adjust quite nicely,

but Sophie’s issues are not just physical. Like being unable to balance herself without arms. There are emotional challenges as well, like name-calling and uncomfortable questions. However, it’s her own unique and compelling way that she is able to ride a bike or paint her nails or dance a passion of Sophie’s that gives her the confidence to keep excelling. 

3 . Tessa Evans

Tessa Evans of County Londonderry Ireland , was born with an extremely rare condition called Congenital arhinia , Tessa . Now five years old, was born without any nasal passage or sinus cavities.

This condition is so rare it only affects one in 197 million births. Her mother, Grainne, discovered her daughter’s condition during the 20th week of pregnancy. Tessa is smaller than other girls. Her age has a bump where her nose would be and a tracheostomy tube in her neck.

Having no sense of smell comes with dangers that we with noses take for granted, namely the smell of danger or the smell of burning or rotten food.

However, there is hope for little Tessa, and she has undergone her first operation in a new procedure which uses a 3-D printer to build an implant to fit under her skin. A medical tattoo artist will tattoo on the nostrils and nose contours. The surgery will be repeated every two years and won’t be completed until Tessa is a teenager.

In the meantime, she acts like a typical little girl. Normalcy is key for the warrior princess had had seven general anesthetics in the last two years. Besides the seven in her first two years,

a warrior, indeed, in a very special interview post on Instagram, Tessa wanted the world to know that she is beautiful with or without the nose. We agree completely.

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